Technical and UX Writer

Devs code, I write. Have been doing this for 3 years and don't want to stop. Mostly write for blockchain products because I believe they will win. Can build apps and set up servers which is a nice bonus.

Tech Updates

Announce releases and new features.

API docs

Do the work that devs don't like but highly value.

UI/UX content

Create and review the copy for mobile apps.


Explain info for people, not nerds.

Latest & Greatest

Guide {07/04/2019}

How to Manage EOS Resources

Best practices in managing EOS resources in the multicurrency wallet. Audience: general.

A walkthrough on smart contract tables, definitions and blockchain explorer usage for EOS-based token.
Audience: tech users and developers.

An API document for cryptocurrency payment gateway. Can be used for integration with any point-of-sale system, mobile or web app.
Audience: developers.

Whitepaper {05/12/2019}

Paytomat Whitepaper 2.0

A whitepaper describing core products and services of a fintech company. Audience: general.

Report {07/01/2019}

Q2 2019 Report

Development and business quarterly report for a fintech company.
Audience: general.

Manual {05/14/2019}

Monitoring EOS smart contracts

A step-by-step doc on how to monitor EOS smart contracts.
Audience: tech users.